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Consent to use of information

I/We understand that the information provided by me under this program will be retained and 

disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If I/we have any questions regarding this program, and/or the information collection undertaken on this form, I/we can contact The Home Upgrades Program at (403) 536-4006 or email at


I/We consent to Kambo Energy Group (KEG), owner and operator of the Home Upgrades Program, and their contractors carrying out any necessary inquiry and to collect and use any information provided by me under this program for the purposes of administering, carrying out and evaluating the program including, without limitation, determining the eligibility to receive benefits under this program, conducting an assessment of the property listed above, recommending and installing energy-efficient measures in the property listed above, and conducting a quality assurance evaluation. 


I/We consent to KEG’s internal use of any information provided by me in this application and 

under this program. 


I/We consent to KEG sharing of my anonymized participant information, energy usage, and home upgrade information for the purposes of program evaluation with program sponsors and partners including (but not limited to) Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, City of Calgary, City of Edmonton, ENMAX. 


I consent to KEG taking photos of my property for use in print, online and video-based marketing 

materials, as well as other publications. 


I/We consent to KEG contacting me (by phone, email, direct mail or similar method) for the purposes of program administration, implementation and evaluation and/or to provide me with further information on this or other similar conservation related 



I/we certify that I/we understand and agree to all the above declarations and all terms and conditions of this application.  


I/We certify that all the information provided is true and complete in every respect and that any willful misstatements may cause the rejection of this application. 

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